Data Sharing Portal

VALIDATE Data Sharing Portal

To accelerate and facilitate vaccine research and development for our focus pathogens, VALIDATE hosts a data-sharing portal for our members, to enable sharing of knowledge and comparison of similar data sets, both published and unpublished, across pathogens, species, countries, research groups, trials... to find new lessons to learn from the synergies and differences in the data.


The data catalogue and published data are open to all; unpublished data can only be accessed by VALIDATE members who have signed the VALIDATE Confidentiality Agreement and at the discretion of the data owner. Members are reminded that they have agreed to fair publication policies and the keeping of confidentiality of unpublished data as part of their VALIDATE membership terms and conditions.


Accessing and Adding Data to the Portal

To view the VALIDATE Data Portal, follow this link.


VALIDATE data portal catalogue page

The initial landing page you will see is the data catalogue, which is public and presents summaries of the studies in the Portal, categorised by disease. In each section, there are folders dedicated to each investigator in the network. Datasets are labelled with tags (e.g. "published study”, “clinical trial”) so that users can search for similar datasets using these tags. In the description, there are links to the publication and to the raw data. The data types section briefly explains the types of samples collected in the study (e.g. vaccination regimes in a clinical trial). 


VALIDATE members wishing to access and/or contribute data should contact the VALIDATE Bioinformatician/Computational Biologist, Dr Mirvat Surakhy, who will issue a portal login. Mirvat will also assist you with data uploading and security - data contributors can choose to restrict the access to their data (e.g. making it accessible only on request). 


Please ensure that any publications arising from this portal and the sharing of this data include the following acknowledgement: "This work was supported by the GCRF Networks in Vaccines Research and Development VALIDATE Network, which was co-funded by the MRC and BBSRC. This UK funded award is part of the EDCTP2 programme supported by the European Union." Tangible outputs, such as publications, are essential to the continued funding of VALIDATE!


We plan to add further functionality and tools to the Portal in the coming months, such as data exploration engines, and members will be alerted to these upgrades. If you have something specific you think the Portal should be able to do, and for any questions or issues with the Portal, please contact Mirvat. 


VALIDATE data portal page

Data page from VALIDATE portal