Weekly round-up #108

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Weekly round-up #108

We are pleased to be back with our latest weekly news round-up, after a brief hiatus last week due to our Manager's annual leave. During this fortnight, our most recent Training Grant round has closed. Thank you to those members who applied, and the results will be announced in the coming weeks.


We would like to welcome our newest Affiliate members who have joined VALIDATE recently: Ombeni Chimbe from the Tanzania National Institute for Medical Research-Mbeya Medical Research Centre (NIMR-MMRC), Tanzania, and Carolina Coelho from the University of Exeter, UK. VALIDATE membership is free and open to all, so do encourage your collaborators and colleagues to join if membership would benefit them.


Find all other funding opportunities on our external funding page.


Training Opportunities:

  • AMS Mentoring Programme - For NIHR, NIRG and MRC funded post-doctoral and independent biomedical and health researchers to gain career development support - no deadline stated

Take a look at our training opportunities page for more opportunities.



Visit our events page for all the other upcoming events in our field.


Job Opportunities

To view all the vacancies in our field visit our job webpage.



You can find more papers within our field on our publications page.


Highlights on Twitter this week: 12 common pitfalls to avoid when writing a paper for publication; informative video by Wellcome giving tips on writing a funding application; The Guardian article discussing how 'the job is not done' in the fight to combat neglected tropical diseases; sample chapters for how to begin the interdisciplinary research process and what interdisciplinarity is; Marta Teperek on how to make the most out of a scientific conference; sign Gavi's petition to show support for their mission of creating life-saving vaccines, which will be handed to world leaders in June; how to be more consistent and improve the quality of your journal article or dissertation; call-specific guidance for those applying to UKRI research council funding; advice on how to plan a research project and formulate research questions; how BSI is celebrating vaccines by launching several projects to highlight their importance in improving global public health; a Nature article discussing how jargon in science articles can alienate non-expert readers; tips on how to develop probing, quality research questions that effectively direct qualitative research; ILEP's anti leprosy interactive e-booklet; 10 simple rules to becoming a PI; and an interview with Dr Alfredo Torres about E.coli and Burkholderia. All this and more @NetworkVALIDATE where you can easily keep up to date on news and opinions in our field.


Published: 4 March 2020