Pump-priming grants

VALIDATE pump-priming grants

**Round #4 is now closed. Round #5 will open in early 2022**


The VALIDATE Network aims to accelerate vaccine research and development for complex intracellular pathogens that cause diseases significant to low and middle-income countries (LMIC), with an initial focus on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Leishmania spp, Burkholderia pseudomallei and Mycobacterium leprae. The Network’s priorities lie in cross-pathogen, cross-discipline, cross-species and cross-continent research, with the aim of making step-change progress towards efficacious vaccines targeting these pathogens.


About VALIDATE pump-priming grants

VALIDATE grants were awarded for pump-priming projects of up to £50,000, via competitive application to the Network Management Board (NMB). Proposed projects run for a maximum of 12 months and should lead to relevant and useful data for the field, or produce pilot data that will lead to a larger grant application to an external funder. Projects had to be scientifically excellent, and fall within the VALIDATE remit. The NMB particularly welcomed collaborative projects led by and/or involving LMIC researchers, including any of the following: new collaborations between VALIDATE members, projects led by and/or including Early Career Researchers, projects with industry involvement, cross-pathogen research, cross-discipline research, projects promoting the One Health agenda, in vivo research, and translational research. Awards were open to all VALIDATE Investigators and Associates, but projects must have had at least one Investigator involved. Projects must  have included VALIDATE members (Investigator or Associate) from at least two different Institutes and all collaborators must be VALIDATE members.


All awardees are required to submit narrative and financial reports at 6 and 12 months. All awardees agree to sharing unpublished project data via the VALIDATE portal (a secure area only accessible to Network members who have signed the VALIDATE CDA) to accelerate the progression towards development of efficacious vaccines for these pathogens.


Please contact Samantha Vermaak at validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk with any queries about the grant call (see also FAQ document below).



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List of LMIC countries 


Pump-priming grant call deadlines

Round 5

Call opens:  Early 2022


Round 4 - awarded

Call opens:  23 July 2019

Call closes: 22 October 2019

NMB review meeting: November 2019

Outcomes: December 2019


Round 3 - awarded

Call opens: 29 November 2018

Call closes: 12 February 2019

NMB review meeting: March 2019

Outcomes: April 2019


Round 2 - awarded

Call opens: 06 April 2018

Call closes: 14 June 2018

NMB review meeting: July 2018

Outcomes: August 2018


Round 1 - awarded

Call opens: 04 October 2017

Call closes: 31 October 2017

NMB review meeting: 08 November 2017

Outcomes: by 22 November 2017