VALIDATE Fellowships

**This call is now closed**


The VALIDATE network aims to promote vaccine R&D for complex intracellular pathogens that cause significant disease in low and middle-income countries, with an initial focus on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Leishmania spp, Burkholderia pseudomallei, and Mycobacterium leprae. The Network aims to encourage Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and career progression amongst its members. As part of this, 1-2 VALIDATE Fellowships will be awarded in 2018. These VALIDATE Fellowships are open to Early Career Researcher (Associate) Members to fund two years' independent scientific research with the aim of producing initial/pilot data, and a funding and experience track record, that can be used by the Fellow to go on to obtain independent external funding and launch their career as a Principal Investigator and/or Group Leader.


The VALIDATE Fellowships cover 24 months’ salary for the Fellow (up to £100,000 per year max), plus up to £20,000 consumables per year. Relevant training costs, or travel costs to visit essential collaborators, may be included within the consumables budget. Fellows will be promoted to the Investigator membership level, and will become a member of the VALIDATE Network Management Board to gain Board experience.  


The Fellow’s proposed research must be scientifically excellent, and fall within the VALIDATE remit. Submissions are via competitive application to the Network Management Board (NMB). 


The VALIDATE Fellowship call is now closed. When a call is open, please submit your application form and associated documents as one pdf by 4pm (UK time) on the closing date to our Network Management Team (Sam at validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk). Please read our application guidance document before drafting your application; you may also find our FAQs helpful. Please also send us any queries about the grant call.


Please note, we strongly advise you to start writing your application as soon as possible so that you have time to get input and seek help/guidance from more experienced Senior Scientists in your institute to review, and help you improve, your application prior to your submission. Ensure your application is focused, has clear objectives that are achievable within the timeframe, and that your hypothesis and methods are scientifically rigorous. You may need Institution/finance approval sign-off for your application so ensure you leave plenty of time to obtain this prior to the call deadline, as no extensions will be given.



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List of LMIC countries 


Fellowship call deadlines


Call opens: 5 February 2018

Call closes: 30 April 2018 (4pm UK time)

NMB review meeting: June/July 2018

Interview: July/Aug 2018

Fellowships start: Sept/Oct 2018


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