Weekly round-up #116


Weekly round-up #116


Welcome to another packed VALIDATE round-up up of news and opportunities. Vaccines have been in the news a lot of late and for the last few days we have been supporting the World Health Organisation's World Immunization Week 2020 which, this year, aims to remind the world that #VaccinesWork.


VALID8 Interviews Launch

As part of World Immunization Week, we have launched VALID8, a series of short behind the scenes interviews where, through 8 short questions, we will delve into the research interests of our members and find out what they do day-to-day and why their research is so important. This will be an ongoing series that will be continually updated. We also encourage our members to take part.

So far we have had talked about elephants and TB with Dr Wynand Goosen, frustrating grant applications with Dr Monde Muyoyeta, and the "remarkable" human immune system with Associate Professor Mary Burtnick.

More interviews will be posted this week and this will be an ongoing series so check back regularly and visit the VALID8 webpage for details of how you can take part.


BSI Instagram Campaign

Associate Professor Burtnick and Dr Goosen also submitted photos to support the British Society for Immunology’s World Immunization Week campaign on Instagram. They were asked to submit pictures that showed the everyday life of a vaccine immunologist.
goosen bsi instagram
burtnick bsi instagram
general bsi instagram


  • UKRI Career Development Award (CDA) - The CDA supports talented post-doctoral researchers to lead their own research plans and establish their own research team to make the transition from post-doctoral researcher to independent investigator - deadline 6 May 2020
  • Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships - Offering recently qualified postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to start independent research careers, working in some of the best research environments in the world

You can find lots of further open grant calls on our funding opportunities page.


Training Opportunities and Events:

The Pandemic has meant that most face to face meetings and training has been cancelled or postponed. However, there are a few online events and courses that may be of interest to our members.

We regularly tweet about online events and training that we spot so follow @NetworkValidate on Twitter. You can also find information on our Events webpage and training opportunities pages.


Job Opportunities

Visit our job webpage for further opportunities that are currently available.



We regularly update our publications page.

Highlights on Twitter this week: A snippet from 'Supervising PhD Students: A practical guide and toolkit' - discussing a plan B when dealing with issues that arise in a PhD project; a New York Times Magazine article on epidemic preparedness, disease surveillance and panviral vaccines epidemic; a free book download on conferencing & presentation in English for young academics; the BSI highlighted a range of activities and resources related to immunisation in celebration of World Immunization Week 2020; Dr Ann Ginsberg from IAVI announced the results of a TB vaccine trial developed by GSK; Nature article on mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic; Professor Cal MacLennan from our sister network BactiVac, gives a message on the importance of vaccines; an animation from BSI on how vaccines work; a video explaining how BCG works, what it protects from & what improvements should be made; BactiVac's third episode in their podcast series - 'How can we accelerate vaccine introduction and use?'; BSI's Chief Executive Doug Brown wrote about why ongoing investment in vaccine research is critical; a rapid review on the current evidence that BCG may protect against acute respiratory infections and COVID-19; Daniel Steyn highlights why we must not forget that TB is still out there; and another free to download book, on how to use Excel for data analysis, modelling & simulation. @NetworkVALIDATE is a hub of information about VALIDATE, our members, and vaccine research for our focus pathogens - follow our feed to find out more.


Published: 29 April 2020