Weekly round-up #135


Weekly Round-up #135

Don't forget about our upcoming Collaboration Week, running 12-16 October. This will be 5 days of activities aimed at helping our members develop successful research partnerships, so do join in!



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Highlights on Twitter this week

Science magazine discusses whether prisoners should participate in COVID vaccine trials; WriteThatPhD has an 8-step guide to writing a literature review; Nature Careers talks about overcoming imposter syndrome; a new Global Fund report is 'a call to action to urgently invest to protect decades of progress against HIV, TB and malaria that are being derailed as a knock-on effect of the COVID-19 pandemic'; and VALIDATE Fellow Rachel Tanner is interviewed by 500womenscientists about her work on the COVID vaccine trial - and she gives a great plug for TB vaccine research! 10 simple rules for finishing your PhD by UCT Postgrad Studies;  AuthorAID mentor Rachel Strohm shares her top tips on academic writing; Nature Careers discusses eliminating bias in promotion and grant reviews; VALIDATE member Heidi Larson has been publicising her new book 'Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start – and Why they Don’t Go Away'; Hugh Kearns talks about the care and maintenance of your PhD advisor; AAS and IAVI outline how to increase the participation of women scientists in Africa's scientific leadershipand you can nominate outstanding African research leaders and African-European research teams for EDCTP's awards before 29 October. Follow @NetworkVALIDATE to keep up to date.


Published: 16 September 2020