Weekly round-up #16

Weekly round-up #16

Apologies for the slightly delayed round-up this week; we've been at the British Society for Immunology Congress, chatting to delegates about the VALIDATE Network - a big thank you to the BSI for letting us join their meeting. And of course yesterday saw us hosting our very first VALIDATE Seminar - a big thank you also to Andrea Zelmer and Helen Fletcher from LSHTM for a very interesting talk on "Correlates of risk of TB disease and their back-translation into animal models", which had real cross-pathogen appeal. We plan to set up an archive of our seminars for those who can't join the talks live, so keep an eye out for this addition on our website in the next couple of weeks.


We've also had our press release go live on the University of Oxford Science Blog - you can read it here, and please do feel free to use this article to promote your/your institute's involvement in VALIDATE. We want to get the word out so that we can reach, and help, as many researchers in our field as possible.


It's been a busy week, as we've also announced the projects we have funded in our first pump-priming round - read all about these exciting projects, and our first training grant awardees, here.


Moving on to opportunities in the field, the following have come up that you might be interested in:

Funding: UUKi: Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grants

Training: McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health, Canada

This week on Twitter we've spotted a few papers that might be of interest:

  • "Live Attenuated Leishmania donovani Centrin Gene–Deleted Parasites Induce IL-23–Dependent IL-17–Protective Immune Response against Visceral Leishmaniasis in a Murine Model"
  • "T cell recognition of M.tb peptides presented by HLA-E derived from infected human cells"
  • "Cytomegalovirus infection is a risk factor for TB disease in Infants"
  • "Quantitative proteomic analysis of amastigotes from Leishmania (L.) amazonensis LV79 and PH8 strains reveals molecular traits associated with the virulence phenotype"

We've also flagged that the latest issue of Microbiologist focuses on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) so might be a relevant read, and that the PLOS Disease Forecasting and Surveillance Channel is now live... all this and much more @NetworkValidate.


Finally, don't forget our current Fellowship and Mentoring calls both close next week - these are great opportunities for our post-doc and early PI members, so get your applications in asap!


Published: 7 December 2017 

The GCRF Network Managers at the BSI Congress 2017, with Prof Peter Openshaw (President, BSI) and Dr Martin Broadstock (MRC)


VALIDATE poster at the BSI Congress 2017