Weekly round-up #211

A Vaccine for Leishmaniasis? Seminar

A Vaccine for Leishmaniasis?

Earlier today, 55 attendees, from 27 organisations in 21 countries attended the first event in VALIDATE's "A Vaccine for" seminar series, in which leading experts provide an overview of the state of vaccine research for VAIDATE’s focus pathogens. Prof Mitali Chatterjee and Dr Mohamed Osman provided an overview and update on the current state of research into vaccines for a disease that causes up to 40,000 deaths annually. Mitali and Mohamed also spoke to attendees in a very engaging Q&A session.

The video will be on YouTube soon.


A Vaccine for Melioidosis?

The next Seminar - A Vaccine for Melioidosis? - 18 May 2022

The next seminar in the series will be "A Vaccine for Melioidosis?". Prof Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay and Dr Somasish Ghosh Dastidar 

will discuss the prospects for a vaccine for Melioidosis, the disease caused by a bacterium, Burkholderia pseudomallei, which is found across tropical and semi-tropical regions worldwide and causes up to 89,000 death a year. All are welcome, but the seminar will be especially interesting to vaccine researchers who do not study melioidosis.

The event will take place at 13:00 am BST, 18 May 2022 and you can register on our website - www.validate-network.org/event/avf-melioidosis



  • RSTMH Early Career Grants 2022 - To enable early career researchers and global health professionals in the field of tropical medicine or global health to undertake clinical or scientific research and/or fieldwork​​​ - deadline 29 April 2022
  • BBSRC Discovery Fellowships, 2022 - Fellowship to carry out independent research within a host laboratory and gain leadership skills​​​​​ - deadline 5 May 2022
  • Infections and Immunity New Investigator - The new investigator research grant is aimed at researchers who are capable of becoming independent principal investigators - deadline 11 May 2022

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Highlights on Twitter this week:

Our sister network BactiVac opened their BactiVac Catalyst Funding for Pump-Priming Projects, we promoted today’s “A Vaccine for?” seminar, and Prof Gavin Yamey highlighted the difference between funding for COVID and TB. Write that PhD shared sample chapters on research fundamentals and research methods in health science. Nature Careers shared articles on the narrowing career paths to becoming researchers, how research centred on women is considered less worthy and how PhD students have embraced hybrid working during the pandemic.

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Published: 6 April 2022