Weekly round-up #22

Weekly round-up #22

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 


Apologies for missing a round-up last week due to my being ill - but that means we have a bumper update full of useful info this week!


Excitingly, VALIDATE has reached a big milestone this fortnight -  we now have 100 members in our network! And, rather nicely with International Women In Science day last Sunday, we're doing our part for gender equality with membership currently at 50 women and 52 men. As planned, we're linking up a wide range of disciplines and countries, with researchers from 22 countries covering topics including immunology, human clinical trials, animal models, veterinary science, social science, bioinformatics, mathematical modelling, and epidemiology. We're confident that this breadth of knowledge and experience is going to lead to great advances for vaccine development for our focus pathogens. And, of course, we're always happy to welcome new members who can help us in this mission, so do tell your collaborators about us and encourage them to join.


This fortnight we've welcomed four new Investigators - Prof Mark Chambers (University of Surrey, UK), Assoc Prof Sheila Keating (University of California San Francisco, USA), Asst Prof Apichai Tuanyok (University of Florida, USA), and Prof Alfredo Torres (University of Texas Medical Branch, USA) - as well as two new Affiliates: Judy Weleminsky (UCL, UK) and Juliane Chaccour (Manhica Health Research Centre, Mozambique). Welcome to VALIDATE!


Over the fortnight there have been a lot of grant calls and events to notify you about...







And, of course, training opportunities we spot are listed on our training page.


This fortnight's papers of interest are:

Meanwhile, we've spotted lots of interesting info on Twitter (@NetworkVALIDATE), including an article about the logistical challenges of getting vaccines to those who most need them and using solar powered fridges in South Sudan; the news that Inovio and The Wistar Institute have received $4.6 Million from Gates and NIH to advance two novel SynCon® vaccine programs against TB and malaria; a new study showing that vaccines help keep millions of families from falling into poverty; a video busting 7 leprosy myths; presentation tips from the Academy of Medical Sciences; a rather useful detailed list of post-doc funding schemes; and much more. Visit @NetworkVALIDATE to keep up to date on all the news in our field.


Don't forget that our 2018 Fellowship call is now open - more details here - and today is the last day to get your training grant application into this round (there will be further training grant rounds later in the year).


Published: 14 February 2018 

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