Weekly round-up #257

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VALIDATE 5th Annual Meeting - Register for the Online Meeting

Next week is our 5th Annual Meeting, which will be taking place in London. The in-person event is full, you can still attend virtually. We have members from across the world reporting back on their fascinating VALIDATE-supported research and Keynote talks from leading researchers from Vietnam, South Africa and the US.

The meeting will take place on 7th and 8th of March, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. You can sign up for the morning or afternoon session of each day (or the whole event).

Find out more details and register for the virtual event online - www.validate-network.org/annual-meeting-2023



  • UKRI Policy Fellowships - Funding to collaborate on research activity to address pressing national and global challenges - deadline TBA (April 2023)
  • NIH Cooperative Centers on Human Immunology - The program supports mechanistic and hypothesis-testing studies to discover novel molecules, mechanisms, or regulatory pathways governing function of the human immune system - deadline: 7 April 2023
  • RSTMH Early Career Grants 2023 - To enable early career researchers and global health professionals in the field of tropical medicine or global health to undertake clinical or scientific research and/or fieldwork - deadline 28 April 2023


You can find a list of all relevant external funding we've spotted for our members on our external funding page.​​

Training Opportunities and Events:​​​​​​

Other relevant career opportunities are on our jobs page.




Check out our Publications Page for members' publications and email VALIDATE@ndm.ox.ac.uk if you have a paper you would like us to include.


Highlights on Twitter this week:

Bactivac announced they received £1 million in funding from Wellcome and Afternoon Voice reported on the continued health challenge leprosy poses for Maharashtra State. Nature shared their podcast episode on Science Leadership, argued for an overhaul of the peer review system, celebrated the success of female scientists in prestigious American academies and had advice for how and when to end research projects. News Medical reported on solutions to boosting Africa's vaccine production, Scientists in pain discover the point at which TB infection becomes disease, and BioSpectrmIndia reported on India's dominance of vaccine manufacturing.

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Published: 1 March 2023