Weekly round-up #6

Weekly round-up #6

Plenty new here at VALIDATE this week - we've spotted:


Funding opportunities: Newton Mobility Grants - for travel to form new collaborations between UK and Brazil/Mexico/South Africa researchers - closes Oct 10th

Job opportunities:

  1. Faculty positions in Immunology, Duke University Medical Center, USA
  2. TB Post-doc, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, USA
  3. TB Post-doc, Washington University in St Louis, USA

Training opportunities: Cochrane "Conducting an Intervention Review" online course


In addition, the MRC are currently advertising board/panel vacancies, including in infections & immunity, epidemiology and informatics – visit their website if this might be of interest to you.


And, as always, lots of interesting highlights via Twitter, including articles on an Einstein-inspired vaccine cooling system, new technology allowing multiple doses in just one vaccination, a systematic review of molecular clustering of TB and diabetes, and a new look at progress in global health & development by the Gates Foundation - check our feed out @NetworkValidate.


Published: 19 September 2017 

New job just ahead