Weekly round-up #7

Weekly round-up #7

It's the official start of Autumn in the UK this week, but while our weather may have been a bit hit and miss of late, there have at least been a plethora of interesting things going on in the VALIDATE world...


VALIDATE members Susie Dunachie, Danny Altmann and Rosemary Boyton and their collaborators have published "Infection with Burkholderia pseudomallei - immune correlates of survival in acute melioidosis" in Nature's Scientific Reports, with interesting data from melioidosis sufferers in Thailand. Read more on our publications page. If you publish any papers within VALIDATE's areas of interest, do please let us know (via Sam) so that we can publicise them to everyone else.


Moving on to grants, the MRC have opened a grant call for new UK-Vietnam Partnerships for Infectious Disease Research, with research on TB, leishmaniasis, melioidosis and leprosy all applicable, so it would be great to get a VALIDATE network application in. Find out the details about this and many other open grants in our research field on our external funding page.


Meanwhile, EDCTP have released their 9th Forum dates for 2018, while, sadly, the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (IVVN) have had to cancel their first meeting in October due to the Kenyan election re-runs. There are plenty of interesting events to attend thoughout the next few months though - all listed on our external events page of course.


And, as always, we've been busy keeping you up to date on Twitter (@NetworkValidate), with the latest WHO leprosy stats, details on the (now open) BSI mentoring scheme, and an interactive career framework for career planning from the MRC among the information we think you'll appreciate - do follow us if you're a Twitter user.


Published: 26 September 2017