Weekly round-up #80

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Weekly round-up #80


Apologies for the slightly delayed weekly round-up due to us working on the travel scholarship and abstract calls for our 2019 Annual Meeting and BSI co-hosted Scientific Conference - both calls are now closed! Thank you to all who applied, results will be coming in the next few of weeks so good luck to the applicants.


A warm welcome to a number of new VALIDATE Affiliate members that have joined this week:

Anita Chaudhary (Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, India), Emilie Karafillakis (LSHTM, UK), Diane Ehoumi (ClinaPharm, Benin), Frederic Nikiema (Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé, Burkina Faso), Sara Dada (LSHTM, UK), Priscilla Opare (University of Cape Coast, Ghana), Chathika Weerasuriya (LSHTM, UK) and Chalachew Adugna (University of Gondar, Ethiopia).

We hope that you all find VALIDATE interesting and useful as your careers progress.



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Highlights on Twitter this week: Read an article on how tuberculosis blood test 'actiphage' allows earlier screening for quick detection; the GCRF have released an Online Community Platform to facilitate networking opportunities around topics such a global health; the Royal Society is remembering Albert Calmette this week, who discovered the key ingredient in the tuberculosis vaccine BCG; The Wire highlights how India can be a global leader in tuberculosis research; an interesting article on why leprosy has not yet been eradicated; the TB Alliance indicates how tuberculosis is a global crisis but in this article explains how it disproportionately impacts the poor; Adam Kay takes on the anti-vax movement's wild conspiracies in a Times article; The Guardian addresses what's behind the crisis of committed anti-vaxxers, particularly the worries of unsure parents; the Global TB Caucus launched a new website to share information about their work and history; the Indian Council of Medical Research has started a vaccine trial to prevent tuberculosis among those living close to patients suffering from the disease; and the University of Cape Town states how Leishmaniasis needs more attention in an informative article. Take a look at our twitter feed @NetworkVALIDATE to stay up to date.


Published: 19 Jul 2019