Weekly round-up #90

VALIDATE Annual Meeting

Weekly round-up #90

It's been a very busy week at VALIDATE, with all the final preparations being made for the upcoming ECR Workshop, Annual Meeting and BSI co-hosted Scientific Conference. We are looking forward to seeing everyone who is attending next week!

A reminder that there is just 1 month left to apply for our current round of our pump-priming grants, which provide up to £50,000 of funding. Projects should run for a maximum of 12 months and should lead to relevant and useful data for the field, or produce pilot data that will lead to a larger grant application to an external funder. Projects must be scientifically excellent, and fall within the VALIDATE remit. Applications must be submitted by 22 October.

In addition, our latest training grant call also closes on 22 October. These provide up to £3,000 to help VALIDATE Associates take advantage of training opportunities that will contribute to their professional development. This can include (but is not limited to): attendance at courses or workshops, laboratory exchanges, and work shadowing.

To find or out more about these calls, visit their relevant webpages (linked above).


Find more funding opportunities on our website.


Training Opportunities:

Nothing new this week, but take a look at our training opportunities page for all previously spotted opportunities.



No new events this week; you can find all external events that we have found on our events webpage.


Job Opportunities

Other vacancies can be found on our jobs webpage.


All relevant publications by our members and others are listed on our publications page. Let us know when you publish a paper and we will share it with the network!


On Twitter this week: Congratulations to VALIDATE network management board member Rachel Tanner who has been shortlisted for a Women of the Future science award; exciting news as a study on mice has found that curcumin in nanoparticle form has the potential to enhance the efficacy of the BCG vaccine in protecting against adult pulmonary TB; a new UK aid programme is set to protect 200 million people from debilitating diseases including visceral leishmaniasis; an interesting graph which shows us the history of vaccine preventable diseases; the US has reached its TB research and development funding goal, exceeding the $444.5 target set at UNGA 2018; take a look at a short guide to reviewing literature for research students; an article in BBC news on gender equality in science highlights that while half of life science students (in 38 countries) are women, only 1 in 4 Professors are female; today is world lung day, giving us the opportunity to highlight information about diseases like TB; an interesting map that shows us the history and global travel routes of leprosy; and India PM Modi has stated that India will eradicate TB by 2025 at the meeting on Universal Health Coverage. All this and more @NetworkVALIDATE where you can easily keep up to date on news and opinions in our field.


Published: 25 Sep 2019