VALIDATE Industry Seminar

In an upcoming publication in Nature Biotechnology, Dr Sheila Keating and her team have demonstrated the technology to capture entire immune repertoires from infected or vaccinated individuals, to be used to treat difficult to treat infections - and have demonstrated this work with COVID and respiratory bacterial infections. In this talk, Dr Sheila Keating described the technology and will mapped out potential pathways for developing passive immune therapeutics that will not only treat but also help to prime immune responses to protect against future infections.

Dr Sheila Keating is a VALIDATE Network Investigator Adjunct Associate Professor at GigaGen and the University California San Francisco. Over the past 15 years, Sheila's work has focused on understanding cellular and humoral immune responses to vaccines and infectious diseases and, more recently, has focused on using high throughput immune assays to measure biomarkers of immune response or pathology in a number of studies ranging from HIV, HCV, HBV vaccine breakthrough, Chagas, West Nile Virus, cardiovascular disease, neuropathology and many other areas.