Jelalu Kemal Birmeka Poster 2024

jelalu kemal

Jelalu Kemal Birmeka

Haramaya University College of Vet Medicine, Ethiopia

The Effect of Ensete ventricosum (false banana) Corm Extract against Nephrotoxicity in Mice Caused by Anti-tuberculosis Drugs Administration


Poster Abstract

Antituberculosis drugs such as rifampicin and isoniazid are antibiotics that are used for the treatment of tuberculosis. However, they are known for their adverse effects, including nephrotoxicity, leading to acute renal failures. Traditionally used medicinal plants such as Ensete ventricosum (false banana) are an indigenous nutritional herbaceous plant used for the treatment of several ailments by traditional healers. This experimental work was planned to assess the effect of corm extract of Ensete ventricosum (CEEV) against nephrotoxicity in mice induced by the drugs rifampicin and isoniazid. Twenty-five Swiss albino mice were used and randomly assigned into five treatment groups that were treated for 30 days. These treatment groups were Treatment-I (distilled water as a negative control), Treatment-II (rifampicin 150mg/kg and isoniazid 75mg/kg), Treatment-III (rifampicin and isoniazid along with 200mg/kg CEEV), Treatment-IV (rifampicin and isoniazid along with 400mg/kg CEEV), and Treatment-V (rifampicin and isoniazid along with silymarin). The studied mice were sacrificed with anesthetic drug administration. Then, blood and kidney samples were collected for kidney function (nephrotoxicity) and histopathological tests, respectively.

All data was analyzed by STATA version using one-way ANOVA to determine the mean differences among the treatment groups. The result indicated that mice grouped under II had significantly elevated (P < 0.01) blood urea nitrogen, blood serum levels of creatinine, and uric acid with significantly decreased serum levels of total proteins and albumin than mice grouped under I. Ensete ventricosum corm extract-treated mice group reinstated those disorders. Mice treatment under group-II showed deformities of kidney structure. However, such abnormalities were not found in mice group grouped under IV. In conclusion, corm extract of Ensete ventricosum has shown a promising nephroprotective potential against the effects of the drugs used for the treatment of tuberculosis.