Albert and Camille's Little Lille Adventure




Albert and Camille’s Little Lille Adventure is an exploration game in which you navigate characters around the city of Little Lille in 1917. Players take the part of our heroes Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin and help them develop the life-saving BCG Vaccine.

Explore the city, work with the people of Little Lille, avoid the soldiers, and collect the necessary supplies Albert and Camille need to create the first vaccine to fight tuberculosis. As you progress, you will learn about the methods used to create BCG and how vaccines work.

Languages: You can play the game in six languages - English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Hindi, and Portuguese. 

little lille adventure languages

Note: The Hindi and Chinese script can take up to 1 minute to load, so don't worry if the game initially appears to load with no text.


You can find some helpful information in the tabs below. However, you can also download our two helpful guides:

  • The Player GuideWe have created a short guide which has advice for playing the game and some more information on the science and historical information you will learn as you play.  You can download the guide as a PDF
  • Notes for Teachers, Researchers and ParentsWe have also created an educator guide and you can request a copy by emailing

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Follow the Arrows

You will see arrows pointing towards your objectives. These will help you find people and items in the city.

Stay away from the guards

You can see the guards' field of vision. Stay out of it because if you are caught, you will be sent back to the Institute.

little lille speech box

Listen to Albert and Camille

Our two heroes will talk to you and with the citizens of Little Lille and explain what they are doing and why they need the items they are searching for. Read everything and pay special attention to the dialogue highlighted in blue.







We will not collect any personal data: At the beginning of the game, we ask for the player to anonymously provide their age and country of origin along with a 3 letter nickname. This is so we can ensure that the games are reaching the right audience. We will not, and cannot, record individual personal/contact information in the game.

If you want to play the game offline, you can download the following zip files. Simply extract to a suitable folder on your computer and click on the .exe file.

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