Patrick Lennard

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Patrick Lennard

Name: Patrick Lennard

Place: Universiteit Leiden and University of Edinburgh

Career Level: PhD Student

Research Key Words: wild immunology, immunotherapy, mesenchymal stem cells, antimicrobial peptides

Likes: One Health framework, outreach opportunities, great academic environment.

Dislikes: More fundamental research than applied/systematic.

Recent Publication: 

Recent Publication: Generation and Testing of Fluorescent Adaptable Simple Theranostic (FAST) Proteins. Bio-protocol, Flies AS et al, in BioProtoc

Profile: Empowering antibiotics using host defence peptide to fight antimicrobial resistance in respiratory infections.

My perfect research partner: More applied research interests than my own, epidemiology or pre/clinical efforts. Greater experience with bioinformatics (GWAS, de novo assembly, transcriptomics).


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