Cristian Segura-Cerda

Cristian Segura-Cerda

Postdoctoral Researcher

Centro de Investigación y Asistencia en Tecnología y diseño del Estado de Jalisco (CIATEJ), Mexico

Tel: (+521) 5614411900






Network Management Board member 2022+, VALIDATE Fellow 2022-2024, Network Associate


Research Keywords:

Tuberculosis, Preclinical Evaluation of TB Vaccines



Dr. Segura is dedicated to the preclinical evaluation of vaccines against tuberculosis in mice. He is a Researcher of CONAHCYT based at CIATEJ Guadalajara, México. He got a Ph. D. in Pharmacology at University of Guadalajara, México and have dedicated their postdoctoral studies at CIATEJ and the National Institute of Medical Sciences of Mexico to contribute to the description the immunogenicity of the vaccines BCGΔBCG1419c and H1TT vaccines against strains of M. tuberculosis regarding different lineages. He has studied the efficacy of vaccines in contexts of acute, chronic and hyperchronic infection models. His main interest are on the integration of single-cell technologies to build new tools to evaluate the immunogenicity of vaccines, such as flow cytometry, immunoassays, tissue staining and evaluation in vitro and in vivo of bioinformatic-based information about Mycobacterium.


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