Debprasad Dutta

Debprasad Dutta

PhD Candidate

National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, India

Tel: +91-9800210926





VALIDATE Role: Network Affiliate

Research Keywords:  Neuroinfection, Postinfectious neurological disorders



The pursuit of science for societal betterment fascinates me. My current research focuses on a comprehensive understanding of Guillain-Barré syndrome which is an atypical autoimmune peripheral neuropathy. I envision my future research to span from the nerve-immune crosstalk to the development of vaccines for infections that eventuate to neurological sequelae. 


In continuation of my research, I have done coordinatorship, student ambassadorship and mentorship at different time points of my career.  I was elected as University Representative of the Commonwealth Commission at the University of Liverpool. I volunteered for science communication in various scientific forums and my popular science stories were published in magazines. My social goal is see immunoscientists, neuroscientists, geneticists and vaccinologists unified on intersecting research themes through efficient, collaborative and cooperative forums like VALIDATE. I share VALIDATE network’s interest and can relate to its goals and values; I feel that being a VALIDATE member, I could widen and deepen my reach in science and society.

Key Publications


  • Dutta, D., Nagappa., M, Sreekumaran Nair, BV., Das SK., Ravi, V., Taly, AB., Debnath, M.* (2022) Variations within Toll-like receptor (TLR) and TLR signaling pathway-related genes and their synergistic effects on the risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome. J Peripheral Nervous System. 1-13. https://doi:10.1111/jns.12484  
  • Hasan, CM.*, Dutta, D.; Nguyen, ANT. (2021) Revisiting Antibiotic Resistance: Mechanistic Foundations to Evolutionary Outlook. Antibiotics 2021, 11, 40. 10.3390/antibiotics11010040  
  • Dutta, D, Debnath, M., Nagappa, M., Das, SK, Wahatule., R, Sinha, S., Taly, AB., Ravi, V.* (2021) Antecedent infections in Guillain-Barré syndrome patients from south India. J Peripheral Nervous System. 26(2):145-238.
  • Wahatule, R.#, Dutta, D.#, Debnath, M., Nagappa, M.*, Mahadevan, A., Sinha, S., Sundaravadivel, P., Rao, U., Periyavan, S., Binu, V., Rao, S. and Taly, A. B. (2020) Ganglioside complex antibodies in an Indian cohort of Guillain‐Barré syndrome, Muscle & Nerve. Wiley, 62(6), pp. 728–734.


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