Elton Rogozi

Elton Rogozi

Senior Medical Entomologist

Institute Of Public Health, Albania

Tel: +355692362094

Email: eltonrogozi@yahoo.com / eltonrogozi@gmail.com




VALIDATE Role: Network Affiliate

Research area keywords: Vector-borne diseases, vector pathogen interaction studies, mosquito-borne diseases, ticks and rodent-borne diseases, sandflies.


Dr Elton Rogozi is a Senior Medical Entomologist working for 17 years in the Institute of Public Health, Tirana, Albania since 2006. He is graduated in Special Biology in 2005), and did his Master of Science in Zoology (2008). In 2010 he graduated with Diploma in Applied Parasitology and Entomology from the Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and got his PhD in 2013 in the Medical Entomology. His main research includes the studies on the ecology, taxonomy and control of mosquitoes and rodents in Albania. He studies the Anopheles malaria vectors, Aedes invasive species and Culex mosquitoes and their capacity and competency as vectors of pathogens in humans.  He is part of the commission that evaluates the dossiers for the importation of biocides in Albania from 2008 to date. As well, he is involved as an expert of entomology in an 8 years-long program of mosquito control in the country for the entomological surveillance and monitoring of the process of mosquito larval control. His main interest is the research focused on mosquitoes and their control. He has been part of several projects, has published several papers on mosquitoes and rodents, as well, he has participated in oral and poster presentations in Scientific Conferences and Congresses in Europe and Asia.

Coordination of the entomological monitoring group for the program of mosquito larval control in Albania for the period of 2014-2021, an organization in the fieldwork, collection of data, data management and material identification, as well as further research with the entomological researchers on mosquitoes in Albania. I have been part for the realization of the projects in Albania like Marked-ReleasedRecaptured on the Sit Sterile Insect Technique in the frame and support of IAEA, as well as the Door-to-Door Trial in the great Support from ECDC and SECID Albania.

He is part of several projects in the Frame of HORIZN2020: AIM-COST Action CA17108 Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes with the role as MC Member, Deputy Task Leader of WG1 and WG Working Group Member; Part of the Project COST Action CA106227 with the role of Leader of WG5 Pilot Studies and their Management, MC Member and Active role to IMAAC; He is a COST Expert. Member of the MEDILABSECURE Project. He is a lecturer/pedagogue of "Health Education" in the University of Tirana in the Department of Biology for the second-grade master students.

I have a reviewer of the abstracts in ESCAIDE conferences and scientific reviews of many papers in different journals.  He is an open Consultant in the Pest Control discipline. OPEN FOR COLLABORATIONS!!!

Key publications

  • Elton Rogozi, Rohani bt. Ahmad, Zamree Ismail and Silva Bino. Biting activity of some mosquito species in thre Malay recreational parks and their role in public health. “Medical Journal” Ministry of Health, 2011, Nr. 4, pp. 6-14.
  • Elton Rogozi, Rohani bt. Ahmad, and Zamree Ismail, 2012. Distribution and species composition of mosquitoes in three Malay recreational parks. Albanian Medical Journal: Ministry of Health, December 2012, No. 4.
  • Elton Rogozi, Ferdinand Bego, Anna Papa, Kujtim Mersini and Silva Bino, 2012. Distribution and ecology of small mammals in Albania. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 23(3):258-68.
  • Elton Rogozi, Rohani Bt. AHMAD and Z. ISMAIL, 2012. Biological diversity and species similarity of mosquitoes in three Malay recreational parks Selangor, Malaysia. Bulletin of Science, Faculty of Natural Science, No. 14, pp 189-2001.
  • Rogozi Elton, Enkelejda Velo, and Silva Bino, 2012. Mosquito species trappability during the summer season in some areas of Albania. A comparison between the techniques used for collecting adult mosquitoes. Journal of International Environmental Application & Science, Vol. 7, Issue 5, pp 871-879.


  • Manual on Vectors and Rodents Control in Albania. Enkelejda Dikolli Velo, Elton ROGOZI, Lindita Tafaj, Silva Bino, ISBN: 978-99956-4396-6, June 2013.
  • Mosquito trapping in recreational parsk in Selangor, Malaysia: Colllection of adult mosquitoes with different techniques. Dr. Elton Rogozi. Published in LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015. ISBN13: 987-3-659-78433-0; ISBN-10: 3659784338; EAN: 9873659784330. Book language: English. Pages 92.


  • Awarded Distinction Diploma and Distinct Student at Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Parasitology and Entomology”, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010.
  • Honoraria and Travel Awards for Early Career: On behalf of the Honoraria and Travel Committee of the American Society of Mammalogists

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