Emmanuella Nyarko-Afriyie

emmanuella nyarko afriyie photo

Research Assistant

Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine, Ghana

Email: afriyieemmanuella1806@gmail.com






Network Affiliate

Research Keywords

Virology, infection and immunity


I am an aspiring biomedical researcher with a keen interest in Microbiology. My primary research interests are Virology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Biotechnology. My ambition is to improve people's quality of life through cutting-edge translational research. I have excellent written and oral communication skills, scientific research and data analysis, computer literacy, organization, and good time management, including knowing how much time to spend on different tasks, self-reliance, and the ability to collaborate with others to meet targeted goals.


Key publications

  • Genetic characterization of varicella‐zoster and HIV‐1 viruses from the cerebrospinal fluid of a co‐infected encephalitic patient, Ghana, Philip El-Duah et al, in Virology Journal