Joconiah Chirenda

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University of Zimbabwe

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Tuberculosis and drug resistant tuberculosis epidemiology, migration related transmission and treatment. Malaria epidemiology and HIV co-infection


My research work has been on Tuberculosis (TB) and drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) transmission, treatment and epidemiology.  I have used geographical information systems (GIS) to estimate the risk of TB transmission in urban poor settings with inadequate social services. Inadequate social services like health facilities, schools and shops seemed to be risk factors for TB transmission.  Prospective TB transmission studies using GIS technologies and genomic surveillance will accurately estimate transmission models.

I have also used genomic surveillance to estimate the transmission of drug-resistant TB between Zimbabwe and South Africa.  Although this could not be confirmed, due to the possibility of mixed infections, the short follow up study duration and the use of retrospectively collected data, our results strongly suggest that migration patterns between South Africa and Zimbabwe may have influenced the spread of DRTB between the two countries. I am interested in a well-coordinated regional genomic surveillance plus GIS mapping project.

A new research area of interest is the look at TB immune response in areas with high poor nutrition, HIV infection and other parasitic infections. 

Key publications

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