Anita Chaudhary

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Senior Research Fellow

Translational Health Science & Technology Institute, India






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Research Keywords
Paediatric immunology

My research interests include detail characterization of the immune functions in relation to disease outcomes, vaccine responsiveness, and new interventions/adjuvants through both basic and clinical studies. With this interest, I joined Paediatric biology centre, THSTI, India, where a team of clinicians, immunologists and biostatisticians work together towards common child health problems through intervention based clinical trials and basic research. Our lab is particularly interested in examining the role of nutritional components in improving immune responses to vaccines in early life.  Our group conducted a clinical trial to examine the effect of Vitamin D on generation of immune responses to vaccines (Hepatitis B, OPV and BCG) in early life.  Within the same cohort through my doctoral work, I have assembled a comprehensive description of changes occurring in the circulating immune system during early infancy. Age-related changes in absolute counts and frequencies were assessed for more than 25 immune cell types in approximately 700 infants (at three time points from birth to six months).

Key publications

  • Comparison of Human Neonatal and Adult Blood Leukocyte Subset Composition Phenotypes. PLoS ONE 11(9): e0162242, 2016.

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