Ann Rawkins

Ann Rawkins

Scientific Leader

UK Health Security Agency, UK







Network Investigator, Network Management Board Member 2017-2021


Research Keywords:

TB, Vaccines, In vivo Models



Ann Rawkins nee Williams, PhD  is a Scientific Leader providing scientific direction to the TB research programme at the Public Health England laboratories at Porton Down, Salisbury, UK.  She has conducted Mycobacterium tuberculosis research for the past 20 years.  Previous research interests were the virulence mechanisms of Legionella pneumophila (PhD studies) specifically the role of a tissue destructive protease, and the study of Salmonella enteritidis and S. typhimurium DT104 contamination of poultry which included investigations of the aerosol route of transmission. Her TB research is mainly focused on vaccines but she has a wider interest in the development of in vivo models for the study of pathogenic mechanisms of M. tuberculosis and for the evaluation of interventions. The TB vaccine evaluation team which she established is internationally renowned and has had a significant involvement in multiple EU-funded consortia. Dr Rawkins is a member of the Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative Advisory Committee and has published widely in the name of Williams.