Daniela Farias Larangeira

Daniela Farias Larangeira


Federal University of Bahia / FIOCRUZ, Brazil

Tel: +55 71 32836728

Email: Daniela.Larangeira@ufba.br





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Canine Visceral leishmaniasis, treatment, pathogenesis



Dr. Daniela received her undergraduate degree from Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, as a veterinarian, in 2001, and her master’s degree from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in 2003, and doctor degree from University of São Paulo. She investigated the modulation of the immune response in BALB / c mice infected with several species of Leishmania. Her primary research interests are the pathology of visceral leishmaniasis. She is also interested in finding tools to treat canine visceral leishmaniasis and modulate the immunology response, aiming to find a way to help the organism overcome the parasite infection. 


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