Daumantas Matulis

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Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius University

Tel: +37052234364

Email: Daumantas.matulis@bti.vu.lt






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Research Keywords:

Hsp90 proteins from parasites, compound synthesis, compound – protein interactions, drug design, X-ray crystallography



Our group of scientists is devoted to early drug discovery and early development. The scientists come from various backgrounds including molecular biologists, biochemists, organic chemists, biophysicists, physicists, computer modellers, biologists and pharmacists. Organic synthesis scientists design and perform the synthesis of novel compounds, molecular and cellular biologists perform the cloning, expression (both in bacterial and in human cell cultures) and purification of target proteins, primarily the family of human carbonic anhydrases and chaperones (Hsp90), biothermodynamicists determine the energetics of binding between the synthesized compounds and the target proteins by ITC or thermal shift and search for structure-energetics correlations, in silico modellers and crystallographers determine the X-ray crystallographic structures of protein-compound complexes, and the pharmaceutical scientists perform development studies of the effect of compounds in various biological systems including zebrafish and mice.


Key Publications:

Carbonic Anhydrase as Drug Target

Thermodynamic kinetic and structural parameterization of human carbonic anhydrase interactions toward enhanced inhibitor design


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