David Pejoski

David Pejoski

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher 

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0) 22 37 95 80

Email: david.pejoski@unige.ch





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Tuberculosis, Ebola virus, clinical trials 



My projects have encompassed a broad range of vaccine, adjuvant, and immunotherapy research using human clinical samples, in vivo NHP and murine models, in vitro techniques, and novel in silico analyses. I completed a Ph.D. at The University of Melbourne, based on the synthesis, and in vivo characterization of novel universal influenza A virus vaccines, as well as preclinical vaccine adjuvants. I then moved to industry (CSL, Australia), where I investigated novel adjuvant formulations, anti-cancer vaccines, and adjuvanted mAb-based immunotherapies for solid and haematological cancers in vivo. Additional post-doctoral research (CEA/Vaccine Research Institute, France) involved the development of high-parameter cytometric techniques (CyTOF) to characterize longitudinal B and T lymphocytes effector and memory responses after vaccination. 
My current research at the W.H.O. Collaborating Centre for Vaccine Immunology (University of Geneva, Switzerland), comprises of both fundamental and clinical vaccino-immunology. The primary aim of the basic immunology project, conducted within the TBVAC2020 TBVI Tuberculosis Vaccine consortium, has been to identify dendritic cell-derived signals that enhance the induction of lung-homing T cell responses. The long-term goal of this project is to develop improved vaccine adjuvants for respiratory pathogens, namely Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  Additionally, I analysed innate immune responses in a clinical trial testing rVSV-ZEBOV, as part of the EBOVAC Ebola vaccine consortium. This study focuses on vaccine-induced modulation of the innate immune response, including cytokines and circulating NK cells, as well as the development of functional assays with cell lines and human samples.


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