Dylan Sheerin

Dylan Sheerin


Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Australia

Email: sheerin.d@wehi.edu.au  





VALIDATE Role: Network Investigator


Research Keywords: TB; transcriptomics; single-cell; bioinformatics; host-pathogen; RNA-seq



Dylan made the move to Melbourne, Australia in 2020 to join Anna Coussens’ lab at WEHI where he has been applying his expertise to the next-generation sequencing analysis to advance understanding of what constitutes protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the immunological changes that underpin tuberculosis disease progression and the environmental and host factors influencing susceptibility to and loss of control of Mtb infection. Dylan also has expertise in the generation and analysis of bulk and single-cell RNA-sequencing and spatial transcriptomic data arising from human whole blood and tissue samples.

 His current research includes work attributing of whole blood transcriptional changes to parenchymal abnormalities associated with subclinical tuberculosis detected by PET/CT imaging of household contacts in Khayelitsha and the analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data captured from whole blood samples, subjected to ex vivo Mtb infection, from schoolchildren in Cape Town.


Key Publications: