Emiko Urano

emiko urano


National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition(NIBIOHN), Japan

Tel: +81-29-837-2053

Email: eurano@nibiohn.go.jp   




VALIDATE Role: Network Affiliate

Research Keywords: Virology, Infectious disease, NHP model


Emiko Urano completed her Ph.D. in Life-Science at Kitasato University Graduate School for Infection Control in 2010.  She had worked on HIV research focused on elucidating host cell machinery involved in HIV-1 replication and in developing inhibitors that target various steps in the replication cycle at National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan and National Cancer Institute in the USA.  She is currently involved in research on various infectious diseases and studies microbiology, especially virology and immunology, using nonhuman primates at Tsukuba Primate Research Center
in National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition.

Key Publications

  • Urano E, Okamura T, Ono C, Ueno S, Nagata S, Kamada H, Higuchi M, Furukawa M, Kamitani W, Matsuura Y, Kawaoka Y, Yasutomi Y.  COVID-19 cynomolgus macaque model reflecting human COVID-19 pathological conditions.  PNAS.  2021 Oct 26;118(43)
  • Urano E, Timilsina U, Kaplan JA, Ablan S, Ghimire D, Pham P, Kuruppu N, Mandt R, Durell SR, Nitz TJ, Martin DE, Wild CT, Gaur R, Freed EO.  Resistance to Second-Generation HIV-1 Maturation Inhibitors. J Virol. Mar 5;93(6). 2019.