Eugenia Puentes Colorado

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Eugenia Puentes Colorado

Institute: BIOFABRI, S.L.U.

Tel: +34 986 330 400





VALIDATE Role: Network Affiliate

Research area keywords: M.tuberculosis / TB


R&D Director of the Spanish biopharmaceutical companies Biofabri and CZ Vaccines (Zendal Group). PhD in Pharmacy in 1991. She is specialist in Microbiology. Postdoctoral Fellow in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department (University of Aberdeen, UK)(1993-1994). Join to the company Cooper-Zeltia in January 1985 as Head of the Technical Department. Between 1994 and 2009 Director of R&D and Regulatory Affairs of CZ Veterinaria. Between 2009-2018, Biofabri Qualified Person and R&D Director. Extensive experience in industrial development, GMP production and regulatory affairs of animal health and human vaccines. She is working in several research projects on development of animal health and human vaccines, within them highlight the development of a live freeze-dried vaccine against tuberculosis MTBVAC and the development of a DNA vaccine against canine leishmaniasis, Neoleish

Key publications

  • MTBVAC vaccination protects rhesus macaques against aerosol challenge with M. tuberculosis and induces immune signatures analogous to those observed in clinical studies. White AD, Sibley L, Sarfas C, Morrison A, Gullick J, Clark S, Gleeson F, McIntyre A, Arlehamn CL, Sette A, Salguero FJ, Rayner E, Rodriguez E, Puentes E, Laddy D, Williams A, Dennis M, Martin C, Sharpe S. NPJ Vaccines. 2021 Jan 4;6(1):4.
  • Live-attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine MTBVAC versus BCG in adults and neonates: a randomised controlled, double-blind dose-escalation trial. Tameris M, Mearns H, Penn-Nicholson A, Gregg Y, Bilek N, Mabwe S, Geldenhuys H, Shenje J, Luabeya AKK, Murillo I, Doce J, Aguilo N, Marinova D, Puentes E, Rodriguez E, Gonzalo-Asensio J, Fritzell B, Thole J, Martin C, Scriba Ti, Hatherill M; MTBVAC Clinical Trial Team. Lancet Respir Med. 2019 Sep;7(9):757-770.
  • Safety of human immunisation with a live-attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine: a randomised, double-blind, controlled phase I trial. Francois Spertini, Regine Audran, Reza Chakour, Olfa Karoui, Viviane Steiner-Monard, Anne-Christine Thierry, Carole E Mayor, Nils Rettby, Katia Jaton, Laure Vallotton, Catherine Lazor-Blanchet, Juana Doce, Eugenia Puentes, Dessislava Marinova, Nacho Aguilo, Carlos Martin. Lancet Respiratory Medicine.¬2600(15)00435-X (2015).
  • Construction, characterization and preclinical evaluation of MTBVAC, the first live-attenuated M. tuberculosis-based vaccine to enterclinical trials. A Arbues, J. I. Aguilo, J. Gonzalo-Asensio, D. Marinova, S. Uranga, E. Puentes, C. Fernandez, A. Parra, P. Joan Cardona, C. Vilaplana, V. Ausina, A. William, S. Clark, W. Malaga, C. Guilhot, B. Gicquel, C. Martin. Vaccine. 31(42):4867-73(2013).

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