Farah Isse Mumin

Farah Isse Mumin

Lecturer & Researcher (MSc Student)

Red Sea University, Somalia

Tel: +252907767955

Email: muminvet@gmail.com





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Research Keywords: 

Veterinary vaccine production; bovine tuberculosis



Farah is a researcher (Lecturer) at Red Sea University, Galkaio, Somalia. He did his DVM at Jimma University, Ethiopia and currently doing his M.Sc. at Pan African University, Life and Earth Science Institute (PAULESI), University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
He recently finished and published two projects in central Somalia. One was studying the distribution of Ixodid ticks in Mudug in the area while the other project was an evaluation of the rational use of veterinary drugs. 


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Key Publications

Farah Isse, Ahmed Saed and Mahad Ali (2017): Evaluation of Rational use of Veterinary Drugs in Mudug Region, Somalia. Global Veterinaria, DOI: 10.5829/idosi.gv. 19 (1): 472-477

Farah Isse, Ahmed Saed, and Mahdi Ali (2017): Hard tick distribution of camels in and around Galkaio district, Somalia, Global Journal of Medical Research: G Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine, 17(1): 7-11