Frank Verreck

Frank Verreck

Head of Section TB Research & Immunity

Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)15-2842 657






Network Investigator


Research Keywords:
tuberculosis, vaccine R&D, animal modelling, immunity, correlates of protection/disease



Trained as a biologist/biochemist, I earned my PhD in immunology at Leiden University in 1996. I first started working on mycobacterial infection and disease in 1999 as a post-doc in the lab of Tom Ottenhoff and initiated a program on in vitro macrophage polarisation and studying anti-mycobacterial immunity. For over 15 years now, I am a full-time appointed head of the section of TB Research & Immunology (and since 2010 Deputy Chair of the Dpt of Parasitology) at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) in the Netherlands, investigating experimental TB in NHP.

I have been involved in preclinical vaccine research in several EC-funded framework programmes under TBVI governance and in collaboration with the former Aeras Foundation. I am a member of the NHP research community of Gates' Collaboration for TB Vaccine Discovery (CTVD) and the Working Group on New Vaccines of the StopTB Partnership.

Me and my team focus on translational modelling of TB in NHP towards defining improved vaccination strategies and investigating fundamental aspects of protective immunity.


Key Publications:

  • Rust CJ, Verreck F, Vietor H., and Koning F (1990) Specific recognition of staphylococcal enterotoxin A by human T cells bearing receptors with the V gamma 9 region. Nature 346: 572-574.
  • Verreck FAW, Vermeulen C, van de Poel A, Jorritsma P, Amons R, Coligan JE, Drijfhout JW, and Koning F (1996) The generation of SDS-stable HLA DR dimers is independent of efficient peptide binding. Int Immunol 8: 397-404.
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  • Verreck FAW, Fargeas CA, and Hammerling GJ (2001) Conformational alterations during biosynthesis of HLA-DR3 molecules controlled by invariant chain and HLA-DM. Eur J Immunol 31:1029-1036.
  • Ottenhoff THM, Verreck FAW, Lichtenauer-Kaligis EG, Hoeve MA, Sanal O, and van Dissel JT (2002) Genetics, cytokines and human infectious disease: lessons from weakly pathogenic mycobacteria and salmonellae. Nat Genet 32: 97-105.
  • Verreck FAW, de Boer T, Langenberg DML, Hoeve MA, Kramer M, Vaisberg E, Kastelein R, Kolk AH, de Waal MR, and Ottenhoff THM (2004) Human IL-23-producing type-1 macrophages promote but IL-10-producing type-2 macrophages subvert immunity to (myco)bacteria. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101: 4560-4565.
  • Verreck FAW, de Boer T, Langenberg DML, van der Zanden L, Ottenhoff THM (2006) Phenotypic and functional profiling of human proinflammatory type-1 and anti-inflammatory type-2 macrophages in response to microbial antigens and IFN-gamma- and CD40L-mediated costimulation. J Leukoc Biol. 79:285-293.
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  • Dijkman K, Sombroek CC, Vervenne RAW, Hofman SO, Boot C, Remarque EJ, Kocken CHM, Ottenhoff THM, Kondova I, Khayum MA, Haanstra KG, Vierboom MPM, and Verreck FAW. (2019) Prevention of tuberculosis infection and disease by local BCG in repeatedly exposed rhesus macaques. Nature Medicine 25: 255-262. (doi: 10.1038/ s41591-018-0319-9)
  • Dijkman K, Vervenne RAW, Sombroek CC, Boot C, Hofman SO, van Meijgaarden KE, Ottenhoff THM, Kocken CHM, Haanstra KG, Vierboom MPM, and Verreck FAW. (2019) Disparate tuberculosis disease development in macaque species is associated with innate immunity. Front Immunol 10: 2479 (
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