Godwin Kwakye-Nuako

Godwin Kwakye-Nuako

Senior Lecturer

University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Tel: +233244130451 

Email: Gkwakye-nuako@ucc.edu.gh





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Leishmania-vector-host interaction, biomolecules



Emerging species of diverse Leishmania (Paranaiba et al., 2017) have been sporadic in in various hosts in USA, Ghana, Thailand, Martinique’s island, Australia (Dedet et al., 1995; Kwakye-Nuako et al., 2015; Reuss et al., 2012; Pothirat et a., 2014; Dougall et a., 2011; Noyes et al., 2002), which are closely related in Leishmania enriettii previously identified in Guinea pigs in Brazil (Muniz and Medina, 1948). The L. enriettii originally did not cause pathology but the emerging family member in L. enriettii complex if found to be pathogenic to humans in certain places. These new Leishmania species are not compatible with sand fly vector but compatible with mammal feeding biting midges of various genus (Dougall et a., 2011; Seblova et al., 2015). This will change the leishmaniasis narrative and diseases prevention and control strategy.  
My research has focused on the identification and characterisation of a member of the emerging species of Leishmania found in the southeastern part of Ghana. I have also been focusing my attention on the interaction of this emerging Leishmania species and its new vector species, in our bit to incriminate the vectors responsible for transmitting Leishmania causing cutaneous leishmaniasis in Ghana. 


Key Publications:

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