Hanif Shaikh

Hanif Shaikh

Young Investigator

KEM Hospital Research Centre, India

Tel: +919011066358

Email: Hanifshaikh.pune@gmail.com





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Research Keywords: 

Clinical trials, TB



I am mainly interested in and working on clinical development of Vaccines. Currently I am working on Antimicrobial resistance for the major pathogens in India.

I am also interested in and working on vaccines for maternal immunisation.


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Key Publications:

Nita Bhandari PhD, Ashish Bavdekar DNB, Jacob John MD, Anand Kawade MD, Prof Gagandeep Kang PhD , Sanjay Juvekar PhD, Prof Jayaprakash Muliyil DrPH , Alok Arya MPharm, Hanif Shaikh MPharm, Vinod Abraham MPH , et al, Efficacy of a Monovalent Human-Bovine (116E) Rotavirus Vaccine in Indian Infants: A Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial, The Lancet, 2014,June21;  383(19935); 2136 —2143.

Nita Bhandari, Ashish Bavdekar, Jacob John, Kalpana Antony, Anand Kawade, Gagandeep Kang, Sudeep Singh Rathore, SanjayJuvekar, Jayaprakash Muliyil, Alok Arya, Hanif Shaikh, Vinod Abraham, et al. Efficacy of a monovalent human bovine(116E) rotavirus vaccine in Indian children in second year of life, Vaccine, 2014,August 11, volume 32, supplement 1,  Al 10-A116

Anil Pardeshi, Mayur Giri, Md. Hanif Shaikh, Pallavi Pardeshi, Omkar Pardeshi, Knowledge, Attitude & Practices towards Ethical Promotion of Pharmaceutical Products with Special Reference to IFPMA Guidelines among Pharmaceutical Executives & MCI Guidelines among Physicians in Mumbai, International journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research , September 2017, Vol: 10, issue 2, 25-44.

Md. Hanif Shaikh, Anil Pardeshi, Parveen Shaikh, Shriram Sadafal, Aman Upaganlawar, Anand Kawade, Drug Utilization for Acute Illness at Household Level in Rural Community of Vadu, Pune: A Cross-sectional Study, American Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, 2018, Vol. 6, No. 1, 7-12 , DOI:10.1269 1 /ajps-6-1-2

Bahekar PC, Shaikh HY, Nigade PB, Ghaisas MM. Anti-histaminic activity of aqueous extract of leaves of Mimosa p Linn. Journal of pharmaceutical research 2007; 6: 134-138