Jelalu Kemal Birmeka

jelalu kemal

Asst Prof Jelalu Kemal Birmeka

Haramaya University College of Veterinary Medicine






VALIDATE Role: Network Affiliate

 Research Keywords: TB, one health, foodborne pathogens, AMR


Biography: My research interest primarily focuses on understanding the phenotypic and molecular mechanisms of major foodborne and zoonotic bacterial pathogens that can be transmitted between animals and humans either through direct contact with animals or indirectly by contaminated food and environment. I particularly interested on zoonotic bacteria. I am also interested to deal with the antimicrobial resistance profiles of foodborne pathogens. Close association with laboratory techniques and my specialization assisted me easily to connect with research works in the past six years. I have been engaged in research activities related to animal, public health and economic importance diseases. I involved as a principal investigator in three completed research activities. The one is titled ''Bovine Tuberculosis in Eastern Ethiopia: Risk Factors and Its Public Health Importance'', granted by home University.


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