Julia Bitencourt

Julia Bittencourt

Biomedical Student


Tel: +55 71 992718506

Email: juliabcp@hotmail.com





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Research Keywords: 

Tuberculosis, BCG, Cohort



I have been working with BCG and tuberculosis for a few years and this field amazes me. However, we still do not know how BCG works. We just have hints! My main goal is to have a better view of how the immunological protection is conferred by BCG and use it as a tool to better vaccines.

Currently, I am working in a cohort involving newborns to evaluate their immune responses after BCG vaccination. I am willing to conclude another interesting work where I investigate the effect of BCG in adults after the clearance of latent tuberculosis. I do not have much experience, but I do have need of knowledge. TB is huge but it cannot be more than us!