Karolina Witt

Karolina Witt

PhD Student

University of Oxford, UK

Email: Karolina.witt@ndm.ox.ac.uk






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Research Keywords: 

TB, animal models, vaccines, cell biology, host-pathogen interactions, protective immune responses, TB immunology, immunomodulation in TB



I am a PhD student in TB Vaccinology and Mucosal Immunity Group led by Dr Rajko Reljic in St George’s, University of London, UK.

My research project focuses on enhancing tuberculosis (TB) vaccine immunity by natural selection of protective cytotoxic T cell epitopes. Currently I spend a lot of time purifying bacilli peptides from infected cells in view to use them as part of new subunit vaccine. Collaterally I develop my research interests in vaccine delivery systems, which, in our group, we present substantial expertise in.

I have been interested in tuberculosis for a few years now. My interests span broad range of topics from cell biology and host-pathogen interactions to manipulation of immune responses by bacilli and host defence systems to counteract its decoy strategies.


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