Lahari Das

Lahari Das

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Albert Einstein College of Medicine







Network Associate


Research Keywords:

TB Vaccine Research, Leprosy, Mice Model



My research interest includes tuberculosis and leprosy. I am working towards developing a novel recombinant herpes virus based TB vaccine and developing reporter strains of the leprosy bacilli for easy detection of the bacilli in drug testing and vaccine candidate testing assays.


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William R. Jacobs Laboratory


Key Publications: 

  • Das, L., Maxson, M.E., Goldberg, M.F., Porcelli, S.A., Chan, J., Jacobs, W.R., Jr. (2023). Mycobacterium tuberculosis Central Metabolism Is Key Regulator of Macrophage Pyroptosis and Host Immunity. Pathogens, 12, 1109.
  • Dubey N., Khan M.Z., Kumar S., Sharma A, Das L., Bhaduri A., Nandicoori V. K., Singh Y. (2021). Mycobacterium tuberculosis Peptidyl prolyl isomerase A interacts with host integrin receptor to exacerbate disease progression. Journal of Infectious Disease. jIab081
  • Das L.*, Virmani R., Vishal S., Rawat D., Singh Y., (2019). Human milk microbiota: transferring the antibiotic resistome to infants. Indian Journal of Microbiology. 59(4):410-416 (First and *Co-corresponding)
  • Das L, Singh Y. (2018) Quorum Sensing Inhibition: A Target for Treating Chronic Wounds. In: Kalia V. (eds) Biotechnological Applications of Quorum Sensing Inhibitors. Springer, Singapore. Doi:
  • Das L, Verma D., Gambhir V., Dikshit K.L., Varshney G.C. (2015). Heterogeneity among the homologsof cutinase – like protein Cut5 in Mycobacteria. PloSONE 10(7): E0133186.