Laith Yakob

Laith Yakob

Associate Professor 








Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Leishmania, malaria, vector control, parasitology, epidemiology, modelling 



After training for my doctorate at Oxford University, I undertook postdoctoral fellowships in the US (University of California) and Australia (University of Queensland). I joined the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2014 as a Lecturer and have led a team researching vector-borne disease control since. Research within the team is multidisciplinary, ranging from field entomological collections across Africa and Latin America, lab-based molecular biology, to computer modelling. My training has largely been in modelling and this remains a dominant area for my team’s focus. This has involved developing early warning systems for arboviral epidemics using state-of-the-art statistical methods; mapping projected parasite distributions using model-based geostatistics; optimising vector control strategy using mathematical models.


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