Maria Victoria Humbert

Maria Victoria Humbert

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Southampton, UK






Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Vaccines, Visceral leishmaniasis, Leishmania infantum, serodiagnosis, Laser Direct-Write (LDW); lateral flow device (LFD); immunochromatographic test



I am an Early Career Researcher who have trained in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences in Argentina, and who have been working ever since as a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) at Uo Southampton, UK. I initially joined Prof Christodoulides lab in 2014, where I managed and executed simultaneously several research projects aimed to identify candidate antigens for inclusion into the next generation of serogroup B meningococcal vaccines, and develop new gonococcal vaccines and vaccines for veterinary applications. Current research includes:

  1. A cross-discipline project aiming at developing a rapid point-of-care serodiagnostic assay for Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) based on laser-patterned microfluidic devices on a low-cost paper platform, by combining expertise from researchers in VL at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil) and multidisciplinary researchers in Infectious Diseases and Optoelectronics-engineering at Uo Southampton, and
  2. Development of a novel microfluidic impedance cytometry (MIC) system for real-time microbial pathogen identification in microbial keratitis, in collaboration with experts in Clinical Ophthalmology and Electronic Engineering at Uo Southampton.

I have always had a special interest in infectious diseases and on research aimed at improving public health and animal welfare. I am always attentive to cultivate collaborative teamwork but also self-motivated to work independently. I consider myself an engaging team player, focused on working across scientific fields to foster positive relationships and ensure lab excellence. 


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