Mariateresa Coppola

Mariateresa Coppola

PhD Student

Leiden University Research Center, Netherlands







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Research Keywords: 

TB, vaccine, immunology



Since 2013 I have been working on the discovery of novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens by using genomics, in-silico tools and  high-throughput sequencing technologies and on studying the antigenicity of such proteins by comprehensive comparison of  pathogen-specific immunity in health and disease. Besides, I have been trained for 3 years as vaccinologist in the European Network  Vactrain.


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Profile on Vactrain



Key Publications:

Genome wide approaches discover novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens as correlates of infection, disease, immunity and targets for vaccination. Semin Immun. 2018

Vaccines for Leprosy and Tuberculosis: Opportunities for Shared Research, Development and Application. Front Immunol. 2018

TBVAC2020: Advancing Tuberculosis Vaccines from Discovery to Clinical Development. Front Immunol. 2017

Differences in IgG responses against infection phase related Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) specific antigens in individuals exposed or not to Mtb correlate with control of TB infection and progression. Tuberculosis (Edinb). 2017

New Genome-Wide Algorithm Identifies Novel In-Vivo Expressed Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigens Inducing Human T-Cell Responses with Classical and Unconventional Cytokine Profiles. Sci Rep. 2016

Synthetic Long Peptide Derived from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Latency Antigen Rv1733c Protects against Tuberculosis. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2015

Clonal analysis of the T-cell response to in vivo expressed Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein Rv2034, using a CD154 expression based T-cell cloning method. PLoS One. 2014

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