Mariateresa Coppola

Mariateresa Coppola


Leiden University Research Center, Netherlands







Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

TB, Clinical Trials, Immunology, Vaccine Hypo-Responsiveness



After receiving my medical degree, I started my doctoral research with Prof. Tom Ottenhoff and Prof. Annemieke Geluk (Department of Infectious Disease, Leiden) resulting in my PhD thesis: Exploring the Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigenome. New insights for the development of vaccines, diagnostics and drugs. At the same time, I have been trained as Vaccinologist thanks to the Marie Curie fellowship VacTrain. In 2019, I joined the group of Prof. Reina Mebius (MCBI, Amsterdam), where I have been focusing my research on characterizing B and follicular T helper cell responses across auto-immune disorders, inborn errors of immunity, and cancer. Recently, I started my second Postdoc in the group of Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh (Department of Infectious Disease, Leiden), aiming to unravel the basis underlying vaccine immune hypo-responsiveness and find ways to reverse it.


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