Michele A Miller

michele miller


Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Tel: +27 73 812 9141

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Research Keywords

TB, Wildlife, Bovine Tuberculosis, TB Diagnostic Tests



Prof. Michele Miller, DVM, MS, MPH, PhD, Diplm. ECZM (ZHM)

Michele received her MS, PhD, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Masters’ in Public Health (MPH) at the University of Florida-Gainesville. She is also a diplomate of the European College of Zoological Medicine. She did her post-doctoral training at San Diego Zoo, then went onto work as a veterinary clinician at several zoos in the U.S. including as a Veterinary Manager at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. She moved to South Africa in 2013 and is currently the National Research Foundation’s South African Research Chair in Animal TB at Stellenbosch University, although she is based full-time in Kruger National Park.

Michele’s research program focuses on TB and other zoonotic diseases at human-animal-environment interfaces, using a One Health approach. She is a scientific advisory TB committee member for the U.S. Animal Health Association, associate editor for Frontiers in Veterinary Science and Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and VALIDATE member. She routinely shares her expertise in animal TB with veterinarians, animal health officials, and conservation organizations around the world.


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