Myron Christodoulides

Myron Christodoulides

Professor of Bacteriology

University of Southampton, UK

Tel: +44 (0)2381 205120






Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Vaccine development, leishmania, rapid diagnostics, bacteriology



Myron Christodoulides is a graduate in microbiology from University College London and the University of Glasgow and a specialist in bacteriology. His research interests are in vaccinology and include aspects of pathogen structure and antigen identification, mechanisms of host immunity, vaccine development strategies and adjuvant research. He is also interested in developing novel rapid point-of-care diagnostic assays, presently engaging in leishmania infections (e.g. visceral and cutaneous). Myron is currently a member of the editorial board of Expert Review of Vaccines and has published extensively on bacterial infections, including meningitis and gonorrhoea. He contributes extensively to peer-review activities nationally and internationally and is a member of several networks of researchers interested in infectious diseases.


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