Nafissatou Leye-Diouf

Nafissatou Leye

Post-doctoral Researcher

Institut de Recherche en Santé de Surveillance Epidémiologique et de Formation [Institute for Health Research, Epidemiological Surveillance and Training] (IRESSEF), Senegal







Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

HIV, Hepatitis, TB, malaria, clinical trials, HPV, CT/NG



After my first Masters degree in Natural Sciences, I obtained a second Masters and PhD in molecular biology on HIV/AIDS, specifically in the following areas:
- HIV-1 antiretroviral drugs resistance in untreated patients in Senegal
- HIV-1 in Senegal: resistance and genetic diversity in the general population and men having sex with men.
This work was conducted through multi-centreic research projects involving several Asian and African countries, which has allowed me to develop my network and my ability to work in partnership with other people of different nationalities.
During these research activities between the laboratory of Bacteriology-Virology (LBV) in Dakar, Senegal and UMI233 IRD Montpellier in France, I got opportunities to improve my knowledge in the virology of AIDS, master technical tools on molecular diagnosis, manual and automated nucleic acid extraction and quantification of the viral load of HIV-1. I acquired also various genotyping techniques, such as the Sanger method to isolate the majority of HIV variants, the multi-region hybridization assay (MHA) to identify dual infections with subtypes / CRFs of different HIV-1, as well as technology single genome amplification (SGA) that identifies sequences of minor variants.
In addition, I am able to use some bioinformatics tools for phylogenetic analysis of sequences such as software DNASTAR, ClustalX, Simplot, PhyML, Amplfy, and the basics of HIV Drug Resistance Data Stanford, Los Alamos, ANRS REGA tools subtypes.
Finally, during these research activities I got opportunities also to experience successfully oral and poster presentations of my research results at various international conferences and seminars. I was also able to carry out some missions of capacity building during the monitoring of HIV in peripheral laboratories, to provide conference courses for the Master of population genetics in the FST at UCAD and practical works on molecular biology for the engineers from the Department of Biology at Polytechnic School of Dakar.
Currently, I'm scientific Research in a Post-doctoral position at the molecular biology platform of IRESSEF and I'm responsible for the biological activities of the project HIV Prevention 2.0 between John Hopkins University, ENDA santé and IRESSEF.


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Key Publications:

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