Olayinka Osuolale

Olayinka Osuolale

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Elizade University, Nigeria

Tel: +2348051178112

Email: Olayinka.Osuolale@ElizadeUniversity.edu.ng





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Infectious Diseases, Leishmaniasis, Cross-Pathogen, Dengue Virus, Public Health, Environmental Health, Antibiotic Resistance



My doctoral research focused on enteric bacteria and viruses with significant public health implications. Subsequently, I founded a research group at Elizade University, dedicated to unraveling the connections between the environment, human health, and infectious diseases. Addressing healthcare challenges in rural areas, our research employs molecular tools to understand infectious disease adaptation in diverse environments.

Currently, I lead a study on cross-pathogen interactions involving malaria, leishmaniasis, and dengue virus infections. Recent findings on Leishmaniasis suggest disease suppression in infected individuals in Nigeria. Future plans include expanding into vaccine development and exploring combination therapy approaches like antibodies and antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance.

My academic journey prioritizes understanding and mitigating infectious diseases in rural communities. Through advanced methodologies and a focus on neglected tropical diseases, I strive to contribute meaningfully to public health, advancing sustainable solutions.


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