Olayinka Osuolale

Olayinka Osuolale

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Elizade University, Nigeria

Tel: +2348051178112

Email: Olayinka.Osuolale@ElizadeUniversity.edu.ng





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Infectious diseases, Leishmaniasis, cross-pathogen, dengue virus, public health, environmental health, antibiotic resistance



My PhD research was on enteric bacteria and enteric viruses of public health importance. I trained in advanced clinical microbiology in area of routine biochemistry procedures on Tuberculosis (Mtb) characterisation using complex, specialised techniques such IS6110 RFLP, MIRUVNTR and GenoType®MTBDRplus to analyse specimens for diagnostic, screening and drug resistance in patients and animal samples. I expanded my research interest to include neglected tropical diseases. I am currently leading a study on cross-pathogen infection of malaria with leishmaniasis, and dengue virus infection.

I want to broaden my interests to include vaccine development. In addition I continue to expand my interests to include combination therapy approaches such as antibodies and antibiotics to meet the increasing AMR challenge.


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