Olufemi Samuel Amoo

Olufemi Samuel Amoo

Research Fellow

Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Nigeria

Tel: 2348033367441






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Research Keywords: 

TB, HIV, Genetics, clinical trials



I am the Principal Investigator on the Nimcure Clinical trial that aims to improve TB treatment adherence using technology. I presently work on both translational and implementation research to contribute to the STOP TB campaign.

My research interests are; Host-pathogen interactions, carcinogen-DNA interactions, epigenetics, chromatin, gene expression, chromosome dynamics, bioinformatics and computational biology as a tool for early and efficient medical interventions and male fertility.


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Key Publications:

O.S. Amoo, S.I. Smith1, I.A.O. Ujah, D. Oladele, N. David, K.S. Oyedeji, F.  Nwaokorie, T.A. Bamidele, E.E. Afocha, O. Awoderu1, Y. Adesanmi, J. Iwuora, A. Adeneye, M. Bamidele, S. Nduaga, F. Ige, B. Ajayi, A.Z. Musa, N. Idika, O.C. Ezechi and A. Ajayi. 2018. Socio-economic and health challenges of internally-displaced persons as a result of 2012 flooding in Nigeria. Ceylon Journal of Science 47(3) 2018: 229-234.

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Smith Stella, Nwaokorie Francisca, Awoderu Oluwatoyin, Bamidele Tajudeen, Akinsinde Kehinde, Ochoga Michael, Oladele David, Bamidele Moses, Fesobi Toun,  Afocha Eberechukwu, Amoo Samuel, Ajayi Morakinyo,  Atat Prince, Ogbonna Francisca,  Nduaga Samuel, Idika Nneoma, Oparaugo Chinedu, Musa Adesola, Adeneye Adeniyi, Ijeh Margaret, Ujah Innocent (2015). ERIC-PCR Analysis of the Clinical and Environmental strains of V. cholerae during 2013 Epidemic in Nigeria. International Journal of Advances in Health Sciences 2 (6): 670 – 680.

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