Paulo Bettencourt

Paulo Bettencourt

Post-doctoral Researcher 

Jenner Institute, University of Oxford, UK







Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Tuberculosis, malaria, antigen presentation, immunopeptidomics



I am involved in a key aspect of early stage vaccine development that is the identification of new antigens to be included in vaccines against malaria and tuberculosis. My projects consist in performing in vitro/in vivo infections to identify new antigens presented by HLA molecules using mass spectrometry. Also, to evaluate the expression of newly identified antigens by molecular biology methods, and to perform sub-clinical evaluation of new vaccines containing these antigens, through immunogenicity and efficacy studies. This strategy to identify pathogen antigens expressed during disease can be extended to other intracellular pathogens.


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Profile page at University of Oxford


Key Publications:

Rachel Tanner, Matthew K. O'Shea, Andrew D. White, Julius Müller, Rachel Harrington-Kandt, Magali Matsumiya, Mike J. Dennis, Eneida A. Parizotto, Stephanie Harris, Elena Stylianou, Vivek Naranbhai, Paulo Bettencourt, Hal Drakesmith, Sally Sharpe, Helen A. Fletcher & Helen McShane. The influence of haemoglobin and iron on in vitro mycobacterial growth inhibition assays. Scientific Reports, DOI: 10.1038/srep43478 (2017).

David Pires, Joana Marques, João Palma Pombo, Nuno Carmo, Paulo Bettencourt, Olivier Neyrolles, Geanncarlo Lugo-Villarino & Elsa Anes. Role of Cathepsins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Survival in Human Macrophages. Scientific Reports, DOI:10.1038/srep32247 (2016).

Paulo Bettencourt, David Pires and Elsa Anes. Immunomodulating microRNAs of mycobacterial infections. Tuberculosis. (2016).

Paulo Bettencourt, Sabrina Marion, David Pires, Leonor Santos, Claire Lastrucci, Nuno Carmo, Jonathon Blake, Vladimir Benes, Gareth Griffiths, Olivier Neyrolles, Geanncarlo Lugo-Villarino and Elsa Anes. Actin-binding protein regulation by microRNAs as a novel microbial strategy to modulate phagocytosis by host cells: the case of N-Wasp and miR-142-3p. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. doi:10.3389/ fcimb.2013.00019 (2013).

Paulo Bettencourt, David Pires, Nuno Carmo and Elsa Anes. Application of Confocal Microscopy for Quantification of Intracellular Mycobacteria in Macrophages. Microscopy: Science, Technology, Applications and Education. A. Méndez-Vilas and J. Díaz (Eds.) (2010).

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