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Institute Institute of Public Health, Albania






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Vectors: sand flies, mosquitoes, ticks



Përparim Kadriaj is a vet/entomologist affiliated with the Institute of Public Health, Tirana, Albania. He has obtained his PhD in Veterinary and Medical Entomology in 2018 in the Department of Faculty of Medical Veterinary, University of Agriculture, Tirana, Albania. His main research interest is vector ecology and control, with a focus on mosquitoes, sand flies and ticks borne diseases. He was involved in the EU ECDC/EFSA VectorNet project, EU[1]COST EurNegVec and actually, He participated also in other international networks and technical cooperation such as EU-COST AIM, EU-MediLabSecure and IAEA RER5022. He has been strongly involved in field research as part of the Mosquitoes Working Group in the FP7 EDENext project. Specific interests in Hyalomma, Ixodes and Rhipicephalus ticks, invasive Aedes mosquitoes, WNV and Culex.

He has contributed to establishing and implementing of the Mosquitoes Control Program in urban and coastal areas of Albania focused on the control of native and invasive species and now he is part of the monitoring group for the evaluation of the efficacy of the treatment through entomological surveillance. He has participated in the Regional Training Course on field procedures for mosquito population surveillance, detection and quantification in Tirana, Albania, organized by IAEA in cooperation with SECID and IPH. In 2018, He was a part of the team that carried out the research on the "Evaluation of the effectiveness of door-to-door campaigns for Aedes albopictus inside the AedesRisk project" in collaboration with IRD and ECDC. In 2019 he is a part of the Working Group in the EU-COST AIM cost action (a program aimed to establish a network across Europe to address the risk of introduction and spread of invasive Aedes mosquitoes and their diseases


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