Raju Sunagar

Raju Sunagar

Assistant Professor  

Ella Foundation, India

Tel: 91-40-23482050

Email: rajus@ellafoundation.org





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

efficacious vaccine, diagnostic tools, zoonotic infections.



My current research focused on the development of safe and efficacious vaccine and diagnostic tools to control zoonotic infections.


Key Publications: 

Preclinical Efficacy of a Trivalent Human FcγRI-Targeted Adjuvant-Free Subunit Mucosal Vaccine against Pulmonary Pneumococcal Infection, Sunagar R et al i in Vaccines

Sunagar R, Kumar S, Namjoshi P, Rosa SJ, Hazlett KRO, Gosselin EJ (2018). Evaluation of an outbred mouse model for Francisella tularensis vaccine development and testing, Sunagar R et al, in PLoS One

Differential in vitro cultivation of Francisella tularensis influence the live vaccine protective efficacy by altering the immune response via enhanced virulence, Sunagar R et al, in Frontiers in Immunology

Vaccination evokes gender-dependent protection against tularemia infection in C57BL/6Tac mice, Sunagar R et al, in Vaccine

Ex vivo antigen-pulsed PBMCs generate potent and long-lasting immunity to infection when administered as a vaccine, Sunagar R et al, in Vaccine

Bacterial Protein Toll-Like-Receptor Agonists: A Novel Perspective on Vaccine Adjuvants, Sunagar R et al, in Front Immunol

Prevalence and clonotype distribution of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in India, Sunagar R et al, in Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance